The Tone River region’s fertile soil and
severe winter create green tea full of rich aroma.

The tea fields of SASHIMA-CHA (green tea from our local area) spread across the Tone River region located in the centre of Kanto Plain. Blessed with its rich soil containing deposits of old volcanic ash, the area is ideal for growing healthy tea plants. Being exposed to extremely cold northwest winds during the severe winter season helps grow its thick, high quality leaves and produces SASHIMA-CHA’s uniquely rich, intense aroma. In order to finish the tea with a mellow touch, Fukamushi (deep steaming) processing method is preferred in this region.
About products by IIDAEN

TEMOMICHA (Hand-rolling tea)

“TEMOMICHA” Our Temomicha (hand-rolled tea) is made by the president of Iidaen, Kohei Iida, who has won first place in the National Competition for Temomicha Production twice. Our Temomicha is produced with great care, focusing on the origin of tea-making.. After steaming the handpicked leaves, they are hand-rolled by Iida for seven hours without a break. Hand-rolled leaves will unfurl back to their original leaf shape while steeping. This golden coloured clear tea is accompanied by Temomicha’s unique sweetness and umami aftertaste.
Net weight : 10g, Comes in a stainless steel tea caddy, in a Kiri wooden box (paulownia wood)
Price : 10,000 yen (without tax)


Green tea with rich aroma and a full-bodied flavour. Perfect tea for your daily enjoyment.
Net weight : 80g
Price : 1,200 yen (without tax)


IIDAEN’s original Japanese black tea with a subtle sweet aftertaste.
Net weight : 50g
Price : 800 yen (without tax)


World’s first “chowing tea”, an IIDAEN original. Catechin in green tea is reported to prevent oral odor.
Net weight : 5g×2 (with case)
Price : 2,000 yen (without tax)


This green tea made from a native cultivar grown from seeds stays true to the original flavour of the house, passed down for many generations.
Net weight : 80g
Price : 1,200 yen (without tax)

Award-winning Kohei Iida’s tea-making philosophy and skills
reach out from Sashima to the world.

The seventh generation, Kohei Iida
Kohei Iida, the current president and the seventh generation tea master of Iidaen, has won first place in the National Competition for Temomicha Production twice (2011 and 2015). He believes that his role is to preserve and carry on the traditional method of “Chamomi” (tea rolling) as well as to rekindle its history as the first tea exporter to travel abroad and successfully trading internationally at the end of Edo period.

The skills and techniques of the artisans
from the Edo period continues on.

Company Information
Company Name IIDAEN
Address 521 Jaike, Sakaimachi, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 306-0403, Japan
Founded 1778
President Kohei Iida
Temomi Meister Kohei Iida
Tel & Fax TEL : +81-280-87-1547
FAX : +81-280-87-1949
Business Sashimacha farming, producing and sales.
By Car
TOHOKU Expressway Approx. 40 min from the TOHOKU Expressway Kuki Exit
JOBAN Expressway Approx. 40 min from the JOBAN Expressway Kashiwa Exit
By Train
TOBU ISESAKI Line Take TOBU ISESAKI Line and get off at TOBU DOBUTSU KOEN Station and take car. (Approx. 30 min)
JR UTSUNOMIYA Line Take JR UTSUNOMIYA Line and get off at KOGA Station and take car. (Approx. 30 min)